Additional Videos

Kristen Rhine, Brand Manager

Meet Kristen, our Brand Manager. She has been with our firm for three years now. In this video, Kristen talks about her job responsibilities and one of her most awkward moments in the office.

Make a Difference Day

Our staff and clients volunteered at The Breathing Association for Make a Difference Day. Here is what we accomplished.

Estate Planning 101

Have you started your estate plan yet? Charlie Kerwood goes over a few tips on what to include in your plan, so you can get your ducks in a row.

What Is Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

Happy holidays from Waller Financial. As we end the year, our staff talk about one of their favorite holiday traditions with the family.

What Made 2017 A Great Year: Part 2

As we wrap up the year, our staff talks about a favorite memory of 2017.

What Made 2017 A Great Year: Part 1

What did you enjoy about 2017? As we wrap up the year, our staff talks about what they enjoyed about 2017.

Thanksgiving Traditions Part 2

It’s Thanksgiving week, which means it’s time to prep for the big meal. While we count our blessings, we discuss our favorite traditions with the family.

Thanksgiving Traditions Part 1

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Our staff members talk about their family tradition. Stay tuned, there is second part to this edition coming soon!

Our favorite Thanksgiving food

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we are already dreaming about the food. Here is what we look forward to every year.

Emily Destefani, Financial Services Assistant

Have you met Emily? She is our Financial Services Assistant. In this short video, explains her position and what she enjoys doing in her free time.

Scott Rendle CFP®, Senior Planner - Part 2

Did you know that Scott has been with our firm for 17 years and he didn’t originally plan to major in finance?

Scott Rendle, CFP®, Senior Advisor

Meet Scott Rendle, CFP®. He is our Senior Advisor and has been with our firm for 17 years. Scott describes his work responsibilities and what he is looking forward to in retirement.

Meet the Staff Bloopers

You know those Meet the Staff videos you keep seeing every month? While we looked cool and collected in the videos, there were a few funny blooper moments that were cut out. It’s safe to say our staff members are more comfortable doing finances behind the scenes.

Mary Sue Pichert, Financial Services Asst.

This month we are featuring Mary Sue Pichert. In this short video she explains why she has volunteered at the St. Michael Church for over 15 years.

Mary Sue Pichert, Financial Services Asst.

Have you met Mary Sue, yet? She explains her position and why it’s important for our clients.

Ben Botbyl, Information Systems Coordinator

This month we are highlighting Ben, our Information Systems Coordinator. Watch this short video on how his dad and grandpa led him into the finance industry.

Ben Botbyl, Information Systems Coordinator

Meet Ben, he is our Information Systems Coordinator, a position most do not understand. He explains his position and why it’s important for clients and Waller Financial. (And wait till the end when he talks about family – it’s rather heartwarming.)

Make a Difference Day at Dress for Success

Our staff and clients recently volunteered at Dress for Success Columbus. Here is what we accomplished, and why the cause is so important for our community:

Sandy Vidosh, Executive Assistant

She has been on our team since 2006. In this short video, she talks about why family is so important to her:

Kathy Kincaid, Senior Planner

Kathy has been with our firm for 15 years. Watch the short video to learn more about her.

Make a Difference day at Furniture with a Heart

We joined Furniture with a Heart for our Make a Difference day. Our clients and friends organized donation items and built furniture.

Make a Difference day at Mid-Ohio Foodbank

We volunteered at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank for our Make a Difference day. Here is what our clients and staff accomplished.

Custodian Change – Part 2

After clients received their TD Ameritrade packets in the mail, a few started asking great questions that were not addressed in the first video. Jason Farris answers 5 common questions we have received.

Custodian Change – TD Ameritrade

2016 is an exciting year for our firm. We are changing custodians to TD Ameritrade Institutional. Our Partners, Jason Eliason and Jason Farris, answer a few questions our clients may have about the transition.

Make a Difference Day at Ronald McDonald

Make a Difference days are much more than just volunteering. Find out why they are important to us, and how we made a difference at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio.

2015 Odysseus Award – Clyde Gosnell

We are proud to present the 2015 Odysseus Award to Clyde Gosnell for his philanthropic contributions to the community.

Waller Financial’s 30th Anniversary

It has been our pleasure serving the community over the years. We appreciate everyone who has been a part of our firm over the last 3 decades. We hope the next 30 years are as fulfilling as the last.

2014 Odysseus Award – Robert and Shirley Carpenter

Presenting the 2014 Odysseus Award. We honored Robert and Shirley Carpenter for their tremendous philanthropic work throughout the community and their heart-warming selflessness.