Happy 529 week!

Here at Waller Financial, we celebrate 529 Day all week! Here are several articles covering Section 529 Plans.

New Updates To 529 Plans Under TCJA

When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was signed into law, a subtle, but significant change occurred in the realm of education planning.  While most of the news about TCJA was about corporate and personal income tax cuts, there was a provision related to Section 529 Plans.

Which 529 Savings Plan Is The Right Fit For You?

It has been over twenty years since its inception and 529 plans still remain popular and for good reason; It is a useful tool to help families save for education expenses. But where do you start?

2018 Q1 Investment Report

Last quarter the markets were volatile and negative. There were several reasons behind these swings. Our chief investment officer provides insight on key points, which contributed to the market’s volatility.