New Tax Considerations for Divorcing Couples

The new tax law will make a few changes for divorced couples starting January 1, 2019. Among the changes, alimony payments will not be tax-deductible to the paying ex-spouse. Jason Eliason talks about how these changes will affect future divorces.

What Is Going On With Turkey?

As you may have noticed, Turkey has been a major headline recently. Jason Eliason explains what is happening and why it is affecting the markets around the world.

Alphabet Soup – What Do all Those Letters Really Mean?

Have you noticed all those letters behind your advisor’s name? Knowing what the designations mean can help you better understand your advisor’s education background and skill set. Charlie Kerwood goes over some of the common designations you may see.

Reclaiming Charitable Deductions

For people who are charitably inclined, Jason Farris discusses why it would be beneficial to bundle charitable contributions when tax time comes around.

2018 Q2 Investment Report

Curious how the markets acted last quarter? Our chief investment officer, Jason Eliason, discusses the investment markets in detail, as well as how the economy handled certain events.