2019 Q3 Investment Report

Curious how the markets did last quarter? Our chief investment officer discusses interest rate cuts, the S&P 500, and the inversion of the yield curve.

2019 Q2 Investment Report

Despite the large swings, quarter 2 ended on a positive note. Jason Eliason discusses what we are monitoring, and why there is no magical crystal ball when predicting the markets.

2019 Q1 Investment Report

2018 was a very volatile year. Quarter 1 has nicely rebounded. Our chief investment officer explains why investors cannot simply extrapolate market movements from day-to-day or even month-to-month. These are extraordinary returns for a short three-month investment horizon, and one should not expect these returns to continue at this pace.

2018 Q4 Investment Report

The markets were disappointing last quarter due to December’s poor performance. 2018 became the worst performing year for stock investing since 2008. Jason Eliason discusses why this happened:

2018 Q3 Investment Report

The third quarter recently ended and our chief investment officer offers some insight on how the markets reacted.